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When you said 'you guys are really mean' were you referring to Daily Mail or Elle fans?

especially to daily mail bc they’re (i think) the most popular information service in uk. but it doesn’t mean that fans can be okay with it too. look, elle’s private as much as she can and yeah she told about her “boyfriend” that he’s tHE GUY. so you can easly understand that she doesn’t want to everybody knows his name.

thank ya.

thank you guys for my first 1k follow! you are amazing and i’m so happy for you enjoying fanningslove and everything you do for or with me like omg i freakin love ya. i want to do some special like idek make me choose meme or other meme or gosh i totally don’t know, tell me what would you want from me please.


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A new article of Elle: entertainment[.]inquirer[.]net/150926/elle-fanning-hopes-she-and-sister-dakota-wont-end-up-rivals

it doesn’t works for me :(